Halong Bay

We spend 2 nights aboard this tiny ship called Calypso, the first night they were about 15 people on board and the last night we were 10.

It was like having our own private boat!

Our first afternoon on board we went for A bamboo boat excursion, where we

got to see floating villages of fisherman, living there. The water was calm and Of an emerald green.

Admiring a most beautiful arch in Ha Long Bay

Toasting our first night with Proseco. The food was amazing. We ate way too much, drank a bit- right!! didn’t move enough And races up and the down the four flights of stairs to get our steps in.

The brillant morning sun reflecting golden hues in the water on one side

While practicing early morning tai chi on the other.

kayaking to caves

inside the cave with way too many tourists!

April 1st, Easter morning contemplating the pillars jetting out of the sea and enjoying the morning light.

After a swim on one of the islands we kayaked to..

A view within a view within another view.

All In all, it was an earned and calming interlude sandwiched between our homestay trekking in Sapa and the next caving adventure awaiting us.

7 thoughts on “Halong Bay

  1. beautiful coastline. j’adore wow. when I see chose images in movie I think it is Thailand. Now I know it is Vietnam.

    vraiment magnifique merci de m’inclure dans ce voyage.


  2. Celia, those pictures are amazing, that “Junk” reminds me of the Carnival Cruise ship we took in Europe, only smaller, of course, did they have onboard entertainment and bingo?


  3. Ciao tesoro mio…come stai?
    Celia these are the most creative and thought provoking photos you have taken to date,
    They really tell a story…I would love to see more pics like these. Really love the one of you
    on the boat contemplating the serene and stunning view, it reminds be of a similar pic you took in Tibet.
    So looking forward to seeing your photos and reading your thoughts about of your fantastic adventures in Cambodia!!!!


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