Ho Chi Ming

After the caves we took a flight from Central Vietnam to Ho Chi Ming- Its alive, loud, a newer city with lots to do

Sooo we decided to take a food walking tour. But before that we had the most amazing pizza right around the corner- after 2 weeks of Vietnamese food we wanted something different. Who knows maybe that’s why the pizza was so delicious!!

When you cross any street , this is how many scooters there are I don’t know how they navigate being so close together!

And yes we only live once!

This walking street only is like a big party every night

One of the restaurant we stopped at fir more Pho.

I must say that crispy street duck was excellent

More people dancing in the street

Nice way to get a flavor of Ho Chi Ming!

The evening ended early. We wished Mandy and Amanda a safe return as they returning home tomorrow while we continue to Cambodia

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