We get to enjoy old Hanoi for another night!

I love to sit at the bar right across from the hotel and watch all the peddlers passing by, the diners sitting in tiny tiny plastic chairs, the hundreds of scooters flying by either carrying a family, lovers or workers with their tools.

We even joined the locals and line danced with them in the park. We didn’t know what we were doing but faked well. It reminds me of the dancing going on In China at almost every street corner!

The next morning, Cat and I signed up for a private cooking class at one of the best cooking school in Hanoi – Rose kitchen- this is our chef! Lynh. We will buy all our food fresh from their local market

This has to be the biggest zucchini I’ve ever seen!

We buy fish

noodles for Pho

I wish I could grow carrots this size!

getting some authentic tofu

walking the street of residential Hanoi to our cooking class. The houses are actually spacious in this area

This is Rose kitchen school, Lynh, her two brothers and her Auntie are the only ones living in this huge house!

Cat tossing our green papaya salad

Ready to eat our green papaya salad ready to chop all the ingredient fir our amazing meal

the ingredients that we will use to marinate our fried fish

Our delicious fried fish!

the product of our efforts, the Pho was amazing and much longer to make than one would think!

It was a great way to spend our morning!

Now On our way to the airport for the trekking and caving experience in Phong Nha, center of Vietnam

5 thoughts on “Hanoi

  1. Great video….looks like you were all having a lot of fun winging it!
    The vegetables are amazing, the meal you prepared looks delicious…good job!
    Did you receive my email?


  2. That zucchini looks like an uncircumcised schlong, that said, can you please bring me a balloon? I love balloons. STAY SAFE!


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