Vietnam, Cambodia

We arrived on Sunday the 8th and shall spend three nights here visiting the many temples mostly built in the 12th century

We’re staying at this charming little hotel called le Chanthou. Our first day here we all booked a massage and pedicure, we sure felt like we deserved it and you can’t beat the price of 20$ for a massage!

The sunrise over Siem Reap on our first morning!

Our amazing guide Haan was a true historian. We were blessed to have him. He got us into the back gate of Angkor Wat and there were No lines!! That’s amazing in itself . His driver took very good care of us making sure we stayed cool with a cold lavender towel every time we finished viewing a temple

This video tells the story of all the temples and beautiful art work we’ve seen.

My favorites were Bayon because of the fact that each tower had the face of a king sculpted on each side. There are 18 towers standing today out of the original 37, and of course Angkor Wat, amongst the at least 12 temples we saw!

We met Jimmy while visiting Ta Keo temple and he took beautiful photos of us!Meditating In Ta Keo temple

Nose to nose with a King at Bayon temple

These trees are massive and destroyed many temple, note how small we are next to it!

Getting sticky rice in bamboo shoots, on the road, delicious!

We relaxed by the pool before we left and planned our next adventure to who know where! Cat and I have visited 6 countries together over the last 3 years.

Time to say good by and how befitting is it to leave for the airport in a tuk tuk!!

6 thoughts on “Vietnam, Cambodia

  1. Beautifully quaint hotel and you sure deserved massage and pedicure 😆 i love the different temples and those trees are huge.

    Where and when are we going next? Lol

    Hugs and kisses cuz


  2. This certainly had to be one of the highlights of the trip, along with the caves. You did a fantastic job putting together your video….great composition, subject matter and emotion!! Mi e piaciuto ogni foto!!!
    Some great pics of you in the moment, in gratitude…in awe! So happy you got to experience such an adventure.
    I can’t wait to hear all your stories…Safe Trip Home Celia!!!
    P.S. I hope you’re feeling much better…sending you healing thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Super voyage, les caves, les gens ont l’air tellement sympathiques, la bouffe aussi et tous les fruits et lĂ©gumes
    Have fon, lové you sisxxxx


  4. Super Voyage, Vas-tu mieux? Les fruits et lĂ©gumes ont l’air tellement apĂ©tisant! Je ne vois pas mes replys,
    Je t’aime fort joxxxx


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