Safari Day Two! – Dulini Game Lodge

This morning, Jona and Tyrone had a very special treat for us.

We observed the white female rhino and her baby named Valentine, because she was born on that day!

They can live to be 40 years old. I guess it’s old in the animal world.

It is quite cold in the morning.

We warm up with a hot water bottle and a blanket being that the Land Rover is wide open.

We were privy to see a pride of lions eating a female buffalo. I will not deny that’s it’s extremely difficult and gory to watch.

That morning this pride killed two buffalos.

Apparently this is something the rangers don’t see daily. Perhaps not even monthly.

How the lioness chews and uses her molars on the side of her mouth to make incisions through the thick buffalo skin.

How she tries to pull the rib cage out to get to the meat so she can feed her cubs. The sounds you hear are horrifying, when she pulls the skin wide open, or the sounds of snap crackle, when she takes the rib cage out of the buffalo’s body.

Then the male lion, with his lush mane, strolls slowly towards his pride.

You could tell he was already full from eating the other buffalo.

He just sat next to the many lions watching us and them.

A young male cub gets into the action- his mane starting to show.

They suddenly stop eating and all look upward in the direction of the hill where two rangers are walking. They’re used to vehicles but not people walking .

I constantly had to remind myself that this is the natural selection in the wild and how perfect nature really is if only we didn’t tamper with it.

After viewing this incredible sight through many angles,

We moved on, where not very far, a herd of buffalos was huddling together and must likely be traumatized from the lions kill.

Jona explained the difference between the male horns which joins into a thick mound on top of the forehead,

whereas the female’s horns are flatter

There is a sight of a warthog

Vultures are waiting on top of a tree for what will be their next meal, We survey the area to see what it could be.

Sadly enough, it’s a two month old baby elephant laying on its side, appearing to have died from natural causes.

We go back for breakfast.

Jona takes us on a nature walk. It is priceless-I feel like I’m walking with an expert from National Geographic! He points out all the tracks of different animals.

Jona walking with his gun in tow.

Where we’re walking, the river gets wider in the rainy season, coming up soon .

How one tree can be used for toothbrushes while another one can make toothpaste. And the nut of the a different tree can be grounded to make great coffee. A different tree can be used for mint tea with its fragrant leaves.

We all decide to get a massage except Paulinda because we booked her calendar for the afternoon.

Apparently I missed another great lunch.

All of us leave for the Late afternoon safari.

Jona and Tyrone take us to something called Leopard hill, a bit farther than usual.

Low and behold, the elusive male leopard appears, he is indeed a lucky find!

He walks slowly. Apparently he’s after a scent.

How gracious he walks.

His saffron coat speckled with black and brown spots.

His golden eyes when he raises his head and sheds a piercing look, is a thing of beauty…

He then rests on a termite mounds perhaps waiting for his prey underneath.

These cats are stunning in the wild.

We are privilege to have seen all that we have seen.

When we go back, we must go to the outside circle where they make a fire.

Dinner is a buffet, and we get to talk to Jona some more.

The staff starts singing, dancing, and playing drums. What a way to end the trip!

Then Ronnie Ronnie brings the chocolate birthday cake covered with fruits made by their pastry chef at my request for the birthday girls!

Paulinda, Jona and Johanne cutting the cake!

Wow! it was rich and delish!

We pack tonight for our ultimate departure home; so we can participate in one last morning safari!

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