Last day in Africa

What do we see!

Several tiny squirrels climbing up and down trees, staring at us!

Brown dwarf mongooses on a termite mound.

It’s very funny to see these tiny animals after the giants we’ve been privy to see!

We are fortunate to see one last pride.

There are 16 lions and lionesses, spread in two groups.

When they lie down, it is the one time they express affection towards each other, they hug, lick each other, rest their head on another lion. Quite endearing!

One lays on his back with his legs spread out!

Zebras and blue wildebeests always together!

We take photos to never forget!

Through their effort, passion and enthusiasm,

Tyrone and Jona, made all the difference in teaching us, instilling in us a great appreciation and reverence for the wild.

The magic of nature and this great puzzle that perfectly fits together.

We were indeed privileged to have seen the big five in one trip; the African elephant, African lion, the Cape Buffalo, the African leopard and the Rhinoceros.

We’ve come here in Africa not knowing what to expect;

We shan’t forget the impressive Maasai Mara Great Wildebeests Migration in Kenya,

The Maasai and how they fight to preserve their simple life.

The treacherous Bwindi rain forest-Uganda-with its silver back gorillas,

The sad faith of the Batwa Pygmies, a peaceful people whose only known life, was living peacefully in the forest for centuries,

The calm expanse of the Savannah Grassland in Kenya,

Being quiet spectators in this foreign world filled with wildlife,

Traversing the bush forest of Sabi Sand, never knowing which large predator might cross your path,

Living with all your senses and in the moment – as the internet was for the most part – nonexistent!

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