From Cape Town to Sabi Sand – Northeast Of South Africa

Our 8.00 chauffeur drive us to the airport for A South Africa Airline flight.

Of course my 3 travel companions would not miss any meal on any planes!

we arrive at Skukuza airport in Kruger National Park.

After one and half hour drive, seeing a quick leopard crossing on the road, we arrive at the Dulini lodge in Sabi Sand National park.

Our house at the Dulini river lodge.

Of all the other lodges, which is small but on a decent size property right on the Sand river, it is the most luxurious.

We have our own large house with a living room and a large patio with pool and outside shower, overlooking the river.

We unpack and decide not to go on the afternoon safari. But Paulinda and Barbara went. We find out later that they saw a rhino, a cheetah and a leopard. Oh well!

This property has no gates so wild life roams freely; as we soon find out!

While we unpack, we hear the ruckus of baboons screaming. We wanted to go look but decide not too. Well it was a wise decision as it turned out it was a leopard crossing the property looking for food!

While Johanne sleeps, I walk the grounds and realize I’m in the wild life’s zoo. I keep snapping photos;

Of velvet monkeys,

Male and female Nyalas


Around the pool.

Dinner is served around 7.30 Barbara eats Kudu meat. Oh noo!

The food and service is excellent

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