Last Day in Capetown + Heli Tour!

The breakfast buffet was huge and delicious. I can’t wait to stop eating like this! Way too much food everywhere and not enough exercise.

Today we’ll probably walk it off.

We cross the bridge to the Seaport area. Oohhh and where do we stop???? the Food Market, which sells all kinds of goodies. We continue to the Art Market, with many retailers in a large warehouse. They sell interesting made in Africa art work, clothing, jewelry.

We take a picture with the four great men who all won the Nobel peace prize, of course we recognize Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela with a backdrop of the port, our hotel and table mountain.

We took a cab to the old part of Cape Town. The architecture is stately and charming.

We stopped at the Greenmarket Square;

quite colorful. Johanne found a beautiful lion painting. Paulinda was looking for an Ostrich Egg but couldn’t find what she wanted. I bought decorated pencils.

We proceeded to a indoor artists market.

There were quite a few artists just completing the finishing touches on their artwork,

Unusual sculptures

Uber took us back to the hotel, much cheaper than a cab!

This afternoon we took a wonderful Heli tour.

We saw what it was like to be at the top of table mountain.

It was exhilarating to see all the bays from a birds view

We landed in a vineyard where we were to be greeted, shown a private tour and be sent on our way in a side car Harley. Since that never happened, Kevin our pilot agrees to take us back. Fortunately, he stays with us, until we sorted things out. Being that we were so far away from home! We didn’t want to take a chance and not know how to return to our hotel.

The ride back was lovely, with a different view.

We returned to sea port, had high tea at our hotel, rested a bit.

Tonight we dined at the RoundHouse restaurant, a wood frame centennial round house with a great city view.

It was a five course meal of various meat concoction. I tried to get vegetarian, but I can’t say that their creation was outstanding. I would say this place is rather dated in Decor as well as cuisine.

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