Cape Town with Tracy

We get picked up at 8.00 am by Tracy for a private tour of the Cape Town peninsula.

I think we were all feeling a little under the weather and we’re mostly quiet for a major part of the morning, we must have been very boring!

Tracy drives on the coast route and stops at Clifton beach, where so many houses are being refurbishes and most have a beautiful sea view. I sort of feel like the morning; cold and overcast!

From that park you can see a mountainous range called the 12 apostles, they must have sucked in math, because it was more like 16 apostles!

There is a quaint little commercial area in the town of Noordoek, where the shops are whimsical and people can ride their horses to shop!

Paulinda and Barbara

We drove thought a park area where you had to get a permit, called Chapman Peak Drive, there must be at least 100 bends in the road going upward from the sea, reminiscent of Big Sur.

We also stopped at Cape Point, where the lighthouse is located, under normal circumstance we would have walk up the long hill to the lighthouse, however being as tired as we were, the funicular was a nice respite.

The view was spectacular of 2 bays and

a narrow rock rising from the sea.

We walked down and were entertained by the baboons, picking fleas off of each other.

We drove to Cape of Good hope – the most southern point of Africa. At that point we all felt that home was very far away!

An ostrich literally blocked the road on our way and she was pecking the car windows, an interesting site.

We stopped in a little town called Boulder Bay, quite touristic as there were;

Penguins on a honeymoon

Some penguins marching with a purpose.

Others just hanging out at the beach.

We had a fish and chips lunch in the quaint British centennial Simonstown overlooking the fishing boats and

topping it with a gelato.

Our last stop was Kirstenbusch the national botanical garden, A fascinating property as it was bequeathed to the government in 1902 by none other than Cecil Rhodes, you know…. Rhodes Scholar and The founder of DeBeers mining!

Tracy really knows her stuff! Pointing out the different birds of paradise,

The various colorful plants

The abundant cycads, which are worth a fortune, because they take centuries to grow, it’s a good thing thieves don’t know the value!

We enjoyed our day with Tracy and her knowledge of history and plants.

Our dinner tonight is at “Pot Luck” a very trendy restaurant with a good city view, filled with young people and a high decibel noise factor. We certainly enjoyed the food, wine and conversation.

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