Enjoying the sea and dinner at home!

Today will be taken quite leasurely,

Josh and I have breakfast at the same place in The town square.

Ahh, the morning view as you open the door is spectacular!

People fishing, boating, kayaking or taking the ferry.

Josh, Kat Deborah and I rent these same yellow kayaks and we proceed on the left of the bay. We pass by the Agnelli’s main house way on top of the hill with a high staircase down to a their private dock.

The sea is mostly calm except for the occasional wave caused by boats near the coastline.

We kayak for 2 hours, we get a definite arm workout.

We then decide to rent a boat and travel to the right of the bay. The sea is sooo clear and you can see a few fish.

Josh is the pilot. I think we’re in good hands!

Deborah and Kat hanging out on the small deck. It’s not like there’s a lot of room.

Leaving the tiny marina

Josh found a little bay about one hour away, where we docked the tiny boat. He decided to jump from way up, but made sure there was enough depth for him to do so. Wendy passed in this one as she didn’t want to be in the sun.

I bought my snorkeling gear and the water was so clear, I saw quite a few fish. We all swam; quite enjoyable and a relaxing sort of a day so far.

I can feel I got burned everywhere! Oh no!

at dusk, getting ready for our chef and our last dinner in the house!

Toasting our week of vacation, with a delicious (white wine) Vermentino from the area. The chef cooked the branzino to perfection, but I make better zucchini flowers!! She also made a tiramisu which we had much later!

We moved to have coffee and desert on our huge terrace, we put some music on and danced our way into the night fall.

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