Spending our last day in Riomaggiore, dinner in Levanto!

Josh, Wendy,, Kat, Deborah and I take a train in mid morning to the last of the Cinque Terre towns; Riomagiore. Dom and Alix decide to explore on their own as they went to this town yesterday.

The train station in the last town is sort of at the bottom so we have to hike a good mile to get to the top. This town is extremely colorful as all the other towns.

We see many hand painted murals.

Painted in 1971, not very old

We visit the 12th century church

We get some wonderful views of this beautiful village!

Meandering down the streets

Josh posing unhappily under an old arch

Finding a stunning stairway filled with luscious plants

Posing on another one!

This must be laundry day in Riomaggiore!

and eventually we get to a restaurant on top of a hill with a great view of the sea, having a beer and some appetizers before lunch.

Then watching people jumping off of cliffs.

We walk down to the lower part of the village where we find this rare 2 Michelin star or is it 3 – restaurant (Enoteca Dau Cila)? Where we have this amazing meal with a delicious anchovies shprizzed with lemon and oil- for a main course I get a very delicate conghiglie with ricotta-mmm delicious!.

The meaning of this beautiful poem embodies the meaning of this trip- our last day here! Wendy treats us to this wonderful local wine.

the views from the restaurant- I guess it was a bit hot that day!

we continue our trek on the Main Street where we find various shops to buy soaps, authentic amaretti cookies.

The girls looking at dresses and fabrics!

Posing next to the store, where we spent a significant amount of time buying stones, which are to change our lives, like find true Love, find our purpose, or enhance your 6th and 7th chakra!

We spend a delightful day – taking all the time in the world -with not a care to think of -in this most beautiful village.

After seeing all the villages, which is my favorite??? I think they all have a different energy and rare qualities. They all touch your heart in a different way. Would I go back?? I always say there are too many places to visit in the world. I think these towns- this Cinque Terre is special just like the poem on the wine bottle! So hell yes I would go back!

Dom and Alix in their bedroom overlooking the Ligurian sea.

We finally found a passerby to take a photo of all of us on our last night.

We had a very very late dinner at some pizzeria restaurant since we were late of the actual chosen place we had a reservation at. The food was average. I think we all got something out of this eventful week. It made us reflects on the various dreams we all want to achieve, or the various quests our souls are searching.


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