Morning in Levanto, then hiking from Monterosso to Vernazza

Our plans for today are plentiful!

First Josh and I decide to have breakfast in the town square, where they serve good old American breakfast. We get there the Italian way; old street bikes the villa provides us.

Afterwards, we continue to the town’s farmers market to get fresh fruits for tomorrow night dinner! This one is open everyday. Of course everything comes from the area’s farmers’ land and the fruits are organic as Italy uses no gmo.

We continue riding our bikes through busier street in the upper part of town on the other side. We see this gorgeous castle house overlooking the town.

Riding through One of the Main Street in Levanto

Stopping at The outdoor swap meet which is open every Wednesday morning. We get back to the villa, Deborah joins us for a little tour of old town Levanto.

walking up the stairs to the old fortress.

Stopping by The Andrea church in old Levanto.

Then Josh and I decides to stop and have pizza for lunch. We need a lot of carb for the hike we are about to take.

Wendy, Alix, Josh, Dom and I took the train to Monterosso a Mare and we started our hike from the old area. This is a view of the older section of Monterosso.

Deborah and Kat will meet us for dinner in Vernazza. Kat left early to pick up her missing luggage in Genoa. Mamma Mia! 5 days with the same clothes. She was a trooper! Most of us seem to pack more than we need anyway!

Walking under on a dirt covered pathways on the hike.

This hike starts with a very steep ascent on a narrow walkway. But almost at the beginning you can get a limoncello from this tiny store to make the experience a bit more more painless! We’ve already lost the kids, they’re way ahead!

A view towards Monterosso when we’re almost at the top.

Walking on a very narrow pathway

and walking very carefully.. as one false move gets you a free pass into never never land!

But we get a bit of a respite on a wider bridge

From this dizzying height, Vernazza come into view.

During our descent, this fig cactus growing on a huge rock hangs on.

We come across A wild cat choosing to remain in the enclosure- where hikers constantly hydrate and feed this beauty.

Wendy dancing to her music as we get closer to our destination!

Vernazza so close yet so far! The old fort to the bottom right is where we shall have dinner- Belforte ristorante!

Getting closer!

Wendy, praying, being grateful that we’re finally here.

Descending through Colorful alley ways

Moi, at the bottom on the last stair of the hike, Vernazza!

The path which is taken by most tourists was closed due to land slide. So the hike we just completed is all there was, it is much more challenging, I preferred it!

Wendy, at a colorful juncture

The beach in Vernazza

Josh, in an alley way barely wide enough for 2 people!

More of Vernazza!

Dinner at Belforte Ristorante

Alix finding a new friend in Vernazza

Frolicking in Vernazza after dinner!


At night waiting for the train in Vernazza, 2 Italian men playing the guitar and singing and Italians dancing to the music!

On the way back in Levanto at night, a full moon on top of the Italian flag.

Another 8 miler and an amazing day and evening in this enchanting part of the world! Blessed to share with my kids and friends😉❤️

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