First class Asiana crossing the dateline

First class Asiana crossing the dateline
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

The LAX Bradley terminal is surprisingly quiet. No lines anywhere. I get into the business star alliance lounge and they escort me to the First class lounge; I think I’ve arrived!!! Who knew there were 2 lounges with such great food option. Being that I had dinner with my children I couldn’t careless about food. I board the plane Asiana Airline at 11.50pm, my seat is 1A. It’s actually it’s own enclosed cabin, with French doors for total privacy. How cool is that! They give me some very confi pajamas, blankets, pillows and everything else that comes with first class. Of course, the game of points helped me get this ticket for almost nothing! This is the start of a journey which was on my bucket list ( my bucket list seems to expand rather than diminish….I don’t know if one lifetime is enough!) so so very jubilant! We, 22 of us from a Meetup called 1000 treks will be traveling together for the China part of this trip, we shall meet in Beijing on the 5th. Kat, who is one of the 6 familiar faces from my trip in Peru, will be my roommate for the next 24 days. I think I’m in good hands being that she galavanted to 59 countries. After this trip it will only be 30 countries for me. Lots of catching up to do!!

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