The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon
Nuuk, Greenland

Nuuk, Greenland

We leave the hotel at 9 and get to the Blue Lagoon by 10. It’s a man made geothermal seawater lagoon in the middle of a lava field covered with moss. It’s now a major tourist attraction. We have to take shower before going in, then you put your bathing suits on, walk outside in the freezing cold and slowly walk into the hot water filled with minerals. We all got different types of mask and walked around- that was strange because it was raining and hailing on our head but our bodies were warm! The natural waterfall is so soothing on your body- just like a massage. I really don’t know why I put makeup on today, it was a waste! We have to put a lot on conditioner on our hair and leave it on because of the minerals. Afterwards we have to take another shower and put more conditioner on our hair. The worst part is that we are leaving for the airport and I forgot my makeup in the other suitcase. Oh well! We then have lunch in the restaurant overlooking the Lagoon; now it was pretty, the weather got so much better. We say goodby to Stefan at the airport. We were the first group to baptized his new Mercedes van! He said he had never met such a different kind of group coming from all over the place speaking so many languages and are so well traveled; but he probably says that to everyone! We get our vat tax back, board WOW and say goodby to Iceland! What did I learn? The Icelandic people are patient, resourceful and extremely creative. I’ve never seen that many museums for such a small amount of people! They have some amazing chefs. The food is different and sooo tasty! The cabs are extremely expensive and it’s the only way to get around, staying in the town center would have been better. The average salary is quite high, they have a good social medical system and no homelessness- that’s a given – they would never make it in the cold! The natural beauty is breathtaking, harsh and captivating. One must love nature and be able to withstand the cold otherwise don’t come here! Oh and I learned a couple of words; Saga come from Iceland or the equivalent of Histoire for French- then the work Berzerk is the equivalent of enveloping yourself in a bearskin and you stayed wrapped in it until you come to your senses. Lastly I loved all the people I traveled with, some new ones like Ben, Lauren, Ally, Veronica, Sabina and her father Ana and her son Leon and some if the same group from Thailand. Malinda kept it together. We actually flew over Greenland and it was clear for a minute- just beautiful- then we fly over the Canadian Northern territories; tons of water and ice- and finally we crossed the Us border. Would I come back here? Maybe in April, when you can still se the northern light but the weather is warmer. But not now- too many other places to see in the world! Stay tune for a long China- Tibet expedition in May!

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