Reykjavik, museums and our goodby dinner!

Reykjavik, museums and our goodby dinner!
Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavík, Iceland

We start our day a little later; always with a great breakfast. I waste the morning going to closed museums. I guess the front desk did not check well enough! I take the cab back up the hotel around 12 to meet the group, Malinda, Ben, Gabi and Gabriela and the 3 LA girls do their own thing. The rest of our group went to the mountains to play in the snow with the kids for the day. We first go to the Icelandic museum, but 3 of us had seen the exhibit, so we take a cab and on the other end of town to see the architecture museum. Some exhibits are closed being that it’s Monday, but we are lucky enough to see the Kjarval exhibit. He is a impressionist painter who paints the hatch and mysterious scenery of Iceland. It is remarkable how much detail he put on a painting and his long it must take him,to get the feeling that from far away you’re looking at an ice field. He is a different kind of artist and purely Icelandic! He would go away for months to far out places in Iceland to capture these amazing sceneries! We then met Malinda and Ben for lunch at Apoteka101- excellent food and atmosphere. We then walked up to the church, got tickets to go up the dome and took great pictures of the town down below! After that we dispersed and went shopping on our own, I took a lot of pictures of murals. I love walking the colorful streets of this town. You can’t get lost it’s just not that big! The Icelandic designers are creative, I love their shoes and clothes. I bought a lava necklace and earrings to go with it! I like to buy something typical of each country I visit. It was raining but I had my umbrella and I didn’t care. I also bought a Saga book. Then I took a cab back to the hotel to freshen up a bit. We are meeting at a highly acclaimed restaurant called Matar. I had a duck pate served with figs and crostini and for the main course I had Iberico spareribs. My dinner was rich but outstanding. Oh and I bought a loaf of Icelandic bread with raisins and figs from the restaurant to bring home! Now it’s time to pack and get ready for tomorrow!

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