Nazca lines

Nazca lines
Calabasas, CA

Calabasas, CA

We spent the entire morning at the airport in Nazca and went up in a small one propellor airplane to see the famous lines. We went up twice- you can only see these lines from the sky they are simply too big. No one knows how they got there. What’s interesting is that there are no inhabitants to this day in that area. The lines are huge. The designs are strange. A few of us wanted to take a charter back to Lima – it would have 1.5 hours- so much better! But no one wanted to spend 400$ It took us 7 to 8 hours to get back to Lima. We stopped in some town for lunch. Then we stopped again to get some empanadas. We talked, played cards, slept, got restless. We got into Lima st 9.00pm. Everyone got together at the hotel bar to say Goodbye. We decided to go dancing instead, We went up to change and Jose took us to a local club with more Latin music, Dolce Vita in Miraflores. Our same usual group actually went out. It must have been 10.00 pm by them. We walked to it. Everyone danced, even Celina! we had a blast. It attracted a young crowd of decent dancers. Then by the end of the night Jose kept drinking and buying drinks for everyone. I remember one of the guides saying that in Peru alcohol consumption is very high. Well he wasn’t kidding! It was a great way to end the trip. Julie, Jose and I made our way back to the hotel I think around 3.00 am. We were to get very little sleep since we are all leaving tomorrow.

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