I’ll call this one a boring day in the bus!

I'll call this one a boring day in the bus!
Nasca, Peru

Nasca, Peru

Thank God today we don’t have to leave until 10am, we can at least enjoy an ok breakfast. We are to drive 3 hours or so to go see Vecunas which are relatives of the llamas. We are to see them in a very large reserve. Except that you cant physically go near them because they’ll run. The bus drive through the craziest windiest canyon to see a museum with taxidermist animal who live in the area. I mean really!!! We had to shlep 5 hours on the bus to see nothing??? We were suppose to stop at a Pisco sour winery but we all vetoed it thank G-d. We came back, walked around the town of Nazca, ate some delicious Picarones, got some ingredients for drinks. Julie the mixologist prepared us some awesome drinks, which we enjoyed by the pool. Then we watched the towns parade and had a decent dinner near the hotel.

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