Islas Ballestas, dune buggies and sand boarding

Islas Ballestas, dune buggies and sand boarding
Nasca, Peru

Nasca, Peru

We got up fairly early so we had time to have breakfast prior to boarding the open boat. Our destination was Islas Ballestas, which is a protected reserve for penguins, birds, pelicans sea lions, it reminds me a lot of Anacapa island with its many arches. The small penguins were so cute but hard to see. Then we went to some type of museum but I was so tired I didn’t pay attention to anything , For lunch we went to a restaurant near the sea and their specialty was Ceviche; something else I never tried before. It was delicious! Emily decided to have lunch with me, I think she talked about her job, her life, her things, her kids. Did she have kids? I don’t remember… In the afternoon, after the ceviche I felt much more awake. You really needed to be awake for what was to come. We had a dune buggy ride. This was the biggest dune buggy I’ve ever seen. The dunes were also huge, steep and scary. Our driver went crazy and we bounced up and down. You’ve had better nit have back problems for this one! The next activity was sand boarding down the scary hill. Except for 2 people in our group, everyone joined in the fun. It was just like snow boarding but a bit slower and bouncier. We even watched the sun set on the dunes. It was awesome! It reminds me of Pismo beach and the sand dunes. These are much taller though. Then our dune buggy stopped in the middle of a slope so we had to be bailed out. It was quite dark when we ended. We spent the night at a hotel in Nazca.

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