Limaaaaa and sooo much mooore!

Limaaaaa and sooo much mooore!
San Isidro, Peru

San Isidro, Peru

I did not get much sleep as we got in so late. Breakfast was average. We get in The bus for a city tour. Our guide is awesome, funny and spiritual. We’re on our way to the old city, which is quite far away with the crazy traffic. Lima is almost as populated as LA. We visit what was at one point a Palazzo, with all its paintings. He gave us his version of Jesus Christ’s last supper painting and says that what looks like a woman next to him is an effeminate man There is a devil in the painting and what they’re eating is a pig. Anyway, it was pretty funny and definitely never heard that interpretation before! Then we walk to the catacombs underneath and there’s what looks like a cistern with a symmetric arrangement of bones. I’ve never seen so many bones all over the place. It smells musty. We continue walking around the old city. Everyone gets on the bus to go back to the hotel. We ask Jose, ( our Apalca guide who stayed with us this whole week) who was already on the bus to join us five women- for a city expedition. We decided to stay downtown- walk around and find an awesome restaurant to eat at. We ( Kat, Julie, Tara, Celina and me) had Machu Picchu drinks it’s good and colorful. This is a great group! Jose is becoming our brother from a different mother! He is the sweetest, kindest, compassionate soul. It feels safer to have him around. We then take a cab all 6 of us; squeezed like sardines. 5 women in the back seat! He takes us to a park filled with all kinds of waterfalls, a train, music and at dusk; lights in the water change colors. We enjoyed the park for at least one hour. Everyone decided to go and tempt the waterworks except for me, someone had to take the video! it was great entertainment to watch! Everyone got wet but who cares, it’s fun to be five again. Then we went from bar to bar and everyone got tequila shots, it was my initiation to shots. I must admit it tasted great! We ate dinner at some English pub and proceeded to go to a club, in the Miraflores district where our hotel is located. We let loose and danced like crazy. I’d much rather hang out with this group- they know how to have a good time. But Celina fell asleep at the table, that’s hard to do in a club! Was it the tequila, the drinks earlier or the lack of sleep? We truly had a blast! What a great evening! Love these new friends!

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