Amaranti to Taquili and flight to Lima

Amaranti to Taquili and flight to Lima
Amantani Island, Peru

Amantani Island, Peru

After our breakfast we said goodby to our very hospitable family and Paola walked us to the port where everyone would meet and our boat would whisk us to the island Taquili. We all walked up to the plaza. This island seems wealthier with mostly finished houses with solar systems. At the top of the plaza there is an open air market where the women were selling vegetables, yarn and food. The women had the most unusual hats, the men were dressed elegantly. We walked some more to the other side of the island with great views and had a delightful lunch on a cliff side restaurant where the family cooked amazing rainbow trout( it must have been fresh caught). We also had a handmade weaving demonstration of the woman making a sash for her man. It concluded with the chef/ head of the family playing guitar and singing while the women were dancing. They’re multi talented! After our cruise we returned by bus to Puno center, we need to kill some time for a few hours to catch a 9.30 pm flight to Lima. Puno is not that interesting.; the redeeming feature of that town is that the phone company fixed my SIM card and now I have internet anywhere! Jody, Gilda, Kate and me had a Chinese dinner and then we tasted all kinds of fruits from the market. Tons of traffic to fight to get to the airport, all the stores are opened late. Finally leave Puno and get to the Lima hotel way too late….

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