Flying back home

Flying back home
Calabasas, CA

Calabasas, CA

I took a cab with Ursula to the Airport, since I missed the 9.30am shuttle. Traffic is insane in this city. I bought some Peruvian goodies at the airport. My kids always appreciate that! I boarded business class. The service and food were excellent, listened to zen music and pondered about this trip and what it gave me. – a definite feeling of physical accomplishment – I lost 6 pounds- hope it stays this way! – met some great people and appreciate that they included me. – attitude and what you say matters! -a feeling of awe that the Incas built this pilgrimage road with the most stunning views and difficult terrain we were blessed to walk on. – the Incas built this empire in 80 years expanding to 6 countries, yet the conquistador came and the Incas disappeared??? And so much more is unknown about them and so much is yet to be discovered. -happy to be home and in a comfortable bed! – very grateful for my children – happy to be here!

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