A day in Manuel Antonio


A day in Manuel Antonio
Quepos, Costa Rica

Quepos, Costa Rica

We are late getting ready and we almost don’t make it because we looked at the wrong itinerary. We seem to have a Problem keeping the right time! We race to get into the small bus. Then we have to pick up many people from different hotels. We get to the town of Manuel Antonio and walk a bit to get to the park entrance. This park is packed with tourists, unlike the other parks. There are well manicured trails, electricity wires and cars driving through it. It was so much more commercial than the other parks we’ve seen so far. However, we’ve seen lizards, white face monkeys, howler monkeys, sloths, bats and raccoons steeling people lunches (that was funny to watch, after all they tell you not to bring food in the park!) at the end of the tour we ended up on the only white sand beach in this area. There were quite a few people. We did not plan properly, because we should’ve had a bathing suits and enjoy the water a bit. Instead we returned by bus with the guide to our hotel. We ended up having our cold breakfast that the staff saved for us but did not have time to eat this morning. Christianne had a sandwich and we ate on the top deck. We had many drinks; The bartender kept making us smoothies. We enjoyed his company and his lively music. We also enjoyed the pool and pretty much lazed around for most of the afternoon. We took many photos and wrote a lot- it felt great to just enjoy. Then towards the end of the afternoon, we started to see a family of squirrel monkeys, they are brazen, they come on people ‘s tables while they eat- hoping to get food. Then more and more came and hung out on the top deck with us for quite some time. We also saw lizards hanging around. That was a real treat! I was counting on getting a close encounter with monkeys in this trip. Well it certainly worked out! We cleaned up and went to the town of Manuel Antonio, we ate dinner at the Marlin restaurant. It wasn’t bad! It was raining all throughout dinner. But as soon as we finished it stopped, so we walked around, looked at the colorful shops, saw many Rastafarians! For a Saturday night, the town was dead. I don’t know what people do here on Saturday night! It was another great day!


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