Our last day in Costa Rica


Our last day in Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica

San José, Costa Rica

We are embarking on our last excursion in Costa Rica-which was kayaking and snorkeling at Biezans beach; that happened to be right below our hotel. We boarded ouruurru van- went to the town of Quepos and briefly stopped at our tour outpost. By coincidence we met the two Claudias who were going white river rafting- their tour was much longer. We decided we should meet at our hotel for lunch before leaving for San Jose . Anyway, we continued and met our guide at the beach. Unbeknownst to us, they did not tell us to leave our stuff on the bus. So we had to stuff our important belonging in a waterproof bag which was tied to the kayak; not a safe way to carry phone or wallets in this tumultuous ocean. The guide said that I should ride with Christianne and he would ride solo. I made him switch, because even though I’m experienced- I did not feel comfortable being responsible for someone else in this ocean. We had to paddle quite far. The oceans waves were tall enough that I could not see them paddling at time. It was really beautiful getting to Biezans beach. When we reached that destination- we were to snorkel- I really knew it was going to be horrible from my experience yesterday, but we went anyway and so did Christianne. The guide was throwing food so the fish could come up in this murky water. We only saw a few different kinds of fish. Now the challenge was getting back up on the kayak. It was difficult for me- let alone Christianne . I got up on the kayak- but the guide had to move to different place so she could get back in. In the meantime my kayak hit the Rock and almost turned over- with phone and purses and all- the bags got wet for a few seconds. But I managed to get my balance and stay up. The guide got Christianne in the right spot and she managed to get up. She manage to master this experience well after all. I was exhausted on the way back- so I was paddling slow. We should have picked a different excursion- oh well- we did not even want to have lunch which was part of our tour- we wanted to go back and take advantage of our room. The hotel was nice enough to extend our checkout- which allowed us to dry our clothes- take a shower and pack slowly. We then met the 2 Claudias who loved their trip to the Osa peninsula and thought the planes were definitely the way to get around Costa Rica. Ibiza was scared to go river rafting but Switzerland loved it. We had salads at our hotel for lunch. They did not know how to make a salad with a lot of lettuce-is it scarce here? We asked each other if we would come back to Costa Rica, we were all on the same wavelength- we all said it was great but there is so much of the world we have not seen. So who knows? We bid our goodbyes, promised to stay in Touch- but we all know how life has a funny way of dealing with that! Our driver picked us up on time and Christianne and I made our way to San Jose. We had dinner at Denny’s and had a soup, it was actually really good. I miss American and Italian food!. We talked about what we got out of this trip. She let me know that I was not easy to travel with! Fortunately not everyone feels this way! We cried together, toasted life and felt fortunate to have really experienced Costa Rica together! We went to bed knowing we would not sleep much.


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