From Heredia to Manuel Antonio


From Heredia to Manuel Antonio
Quepos, Costa Rica

Quepos, Costa Rica

It is perfect weather outside, a bit like California- sunny and dry. After a decent breakfast we wait for our driver. In the lobby, we were pleasantly surprised to see Alex and Francisco; our travel agents from Costa Rica- mama Mia! Alex is very handsome with his silver grey eyes and thick grey hair. Both of them are just charming. Being that this is where they live they wanted to meet us before we depart. They were both extremely informative about their country and very proud of it. He gave our driver instructions since he did not speak much English. The driver stopped many places to see if he could find the fruit guanabana ( it was out if season) . I had my heart set on trying it! Finally we stop at some place near a river, and the young man tells me they’re hard to get now. Then he had a story where his cousin had stomach cancer- and by eating guanabana for 6 months morning , noon and night- he had recovered completely! It’s a much bigger fruit than I anticipated. On the way to Manuel Antonio, we pulled out the container and started eating it, there are many big pits, it’s white, slimy and gooey. It’s an acquired taste for its sour and sweet at the same time. It’s also very expensive. We drove on the sea and through many small surf towns. We finally reached Quepos, which is the closest town to our hotel. It’s has the feel of a hippy town. We finally arrived at our hotel; la Mansion Inn. It’s a boutique hotel and the owner lives there. But our room wasn’t ready. So we used the lobby bathroom and changed into our bathing suit. We walked at least a mile down the hill to the beach. I decided to go snorkeling and Christianne stayed near the beach and hung out with some other tourist from the US. The water was so warm. I swam quite far to a rock and I could see a lot of snorkelers from the catamaran. The water was very hazy and I couldn’t see much. So I swam back, then a nice gentlemen on his small boat came to see if I needed some help. I told him I was enjoying myself. I don’t know why I just didn’t accept his help! We all stayed in the water for a little longer talking about all the different destinations the young couple traveled to. She knew how to get the best deals for travel and stayed in the best hotels for not much. We finally decided to walk back. This time it wasn’t much fun. It was a muddy, uneven uphill path but it was a good cardio workout. Finally our room is ready and it’s on the top floor overlooking ocean. After a well deserved shower, we sit on our balcony , munch on a few nuts, smoke a Montecristo cigar and feeling fortunate to simply enjoy the view. We did not know where to have dinner, since everything was so far, we decide to have dinner at our hotel. The food was not bad at all but we should have split it ; the entree was huge. This is definitely a hotel for couples, it’s a bit too quiet and the couples just sit, they have dinner and don’t talk to each other. Oh! And the music it was Stauss waltz music. That put everyone in this stuffy kind of mood- not what I would imagine in Costa Rica! The decor of the hotel is also dated with its long draperies in the lobby. But he views from the top deck are magnificent in that you can see 180 degree view of 2 beaches. We get a little Porto from the bar and go back to our balcony to enjoy the night storms and lightning. It’s was a long day but it ended well!


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