Transfer from Tortuguero to Heredia


Transfer from Tortuguero to Heredia
Heredia, Costa Rica

Heredia, Costa Rica

We said goodbye to our new friends ( they were taking a small plane out of here to the Osa peninsula down south) and embarked on the small boat weaving back again on the same river we came from. We went to lunch at the same mediocre place; Rio Danta, then a huge bus took the 2 of us to Heredia, passing through many national parks. We found out there are very few freeways in Costa Rica and most of the roads have few lanes, so it’s a beautiful scenery but it takes forever to get anywhere. Had we known we would have opted for plane transfers instead of wasting an entire day on land transport. We finally got to our hotel, called the Bougainvilla. It did not look like much at first but it had a huge piece of land with a magnificent garden, which we took the time to enjoy until dusk. We walked- took pictures and enjoyed the garden for a good 2 hours. They gave us a suite overlooking their park as soon as I mentioned it was Christianne BD. We had great cocktails in the bar and then we moved to the dining room for Christianne BD dinner. Everything was good until we got to the main course – a hamburger- I don’t know what they put in their meat but it wasn’t beef! The staff went beyond expectations and gave the birthday girl drinks and a cheesecake.We talked about her Birthday year resolutions-I’ll keep that private!  I would say it’s a really good place to stay and it’s close to the capital San Jose. It was a very nice evening after a long day of traveling.


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