From Phuket to Bangkok

From Phuket to Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

We have our regular breakfast brunch. And then we straighten out our suitcase since we have been living out of them for the weeks. We are returning to Bangkok this afternoon. So we have the morning to enjoy ourselves and it is a beautiful morning. The monsoon passed through and the beach is beautiful . Some of us enjoyed the pool. Some had massages. I find out the hotel rents scooter, so I decide to enjoy a short ride, this time to Patong beach which is south of us. This beach is also beautiful but there are a lot more shops and hotels. I’m glad I saw it but would not have enjoyed staying there. Our van takes us to the airport and our flight is a little delayed. We arrive in Bangkok at rush hour. It takes us 2 hours to get to the hotel instead of 49 minutes. The traffic is just miserable. The worst part is we arrive at the hotel st 8.15 and we have a dinner reservation at 9.30. We have to check in, freshen up, change and get there. We all make it before the kitchen closes . It’s our last supper together. 4 people in our group left for Bangkok much earlier than we did because , Gaby Bayer had to be taken to the hospital a few days ago for a kidney infection, she was there in the best hospital in Bangkok for 2 days. Fortunately now she feels much better and could celebrate her birthday with us at this very different restaurant named Gaggan, which is progressive Indian cuisine. Get this, we had 19 small dishes. I stopped at 14. It was the most unbelievable culinary experience any of us have ever had. Every bite was delectable with the most unusual concoctions of spices and flavors that you could ever dream of. Each bite was served on a different plate. Like a tile or a stone, or a wood dish . But we all made room for the 4 desert bites. What can I say. One must try this once, it’s called molecular gastronomy! We all needed Pepto Bismol! It was just too late to eat all this food.


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