Kayaking in the Andaman Sea

Kayaking in the Andaman Sea
Tambon Thai Chang, Thailand

Tambon Thai Chang, Thailand

We all had a decent brunch before going on our adventure. We traveled in a small bus and were driven across the island on the rocky side for an excursion on the Andaman sea. We bought some panchos since it was raining and we then board a 2 story boat with all the kayaks underneath. There is only about 20 people on board and a crew of about 10. It takes 2 hours to get to Phang Nga bay, which has unusual rock formation, mangrove trees. It feels like you’re on a different planet! They whole area is a reserve and it’s quite shallow. It’s so interesting to look at. We finally get to our destination and we kayak by ourselves for 20 minutes, except none of us heard the 20 minutes part, so Malinda and I, Luis and Gabriela decide to go to the caves . We anchor and walk inside. We pick shells take photos , go see another cave farther down and then we thought maybe we should return. We did not have to worry, the captain found us, so we did not have to paddle back. That’s the trick then! We continue our Trek and circle the James Bond islands, that’s where the movie was made years ago. The formations were beautiful and because the tide us do low, the narrower bottom of the rock formation is exposed. We continue to another cave, where we have to lay down in the kayak because it’s so low and we end up in a jungle like enclosure with mangrove trees. In passing we see something very unexpected . There were 2 kayaks with a family of Moslem and the mother was wearing a burka and was completely covered. By that time it was sunny and like a sauna outside. The crew made us a lunch, and we were all raving about the quality of the food and how everything was delicious. Such an unexpected service surprised all of us! They had a kitchen down below; the food was cooked right then and there and served on the top level, where we were. After lunch they take us to a different area to continue kayaking. It was in the middle of the afternoon and by then, It was the low tide , about five feet lower. I ask my guide to paddle, (it is not allowed for us to paddle in that area ) he pretended to snore in the back! He had a great attitude. That area was special and my eyes were delighted by the different colored corrals exposed from the low tide and colorful crabs criss crossing the rock formation. On the way back the sun was reflecting in the calm Andaman sea and casting interesting shadows from the protruding formations. It was really tempting to take a nap. Instead I had an interesting conversation with one of the guide who was telling me that Phuket was going through such a growth ( there are condos being built and sold everywhere) . Other than tourism which is their no 1 industry, they also have rubber trees, rice and palm oil. A great day was had by all!


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