Last day and plane ride home!

Last day and plane ride home!
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

I sleep really well on this vacation, i mean marathon. This morning I went to see the Jim Thompson museum house. It’s a small and interesting museum. I did not know who he was until I came here. He was an American who made it big in Asia by revitalizing the silk industry in the 1950’s. He decided to make Bangkok his home back then. You see one of his stores in every mall. His house is completely made out of teak and it’s made of several small homes taken from different areas of Bangkok. It was a challenge for the builders back them to make it all fit together. It’s filled with antiquities. I also walked a bit in China town. Some very sweet residents stopped me to ask where I was going. I was the only non Asian . We get on our private bus to the airport. It feels like I’ve been gone so long! I’m now in business class on China Airlines. The service is impeccable. I hope you enjoyed this blog and that it gave you a glimpse of what it’s like to visit some of these extraordinary places. I enjoyed all your comments ! Until the next one!


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