A safari to remember and a visit at a Maasai village

We start the safari a bit later today as it will be just the four of us!

Almost from the beginning we see a herd of elephant, which they call a memory.

There are babies still feeing on their mothers, the nipple is near the front legs!

The mommy, the teenager and the baby elephant

From a distance a herd of giraffe or ” a journey” is approaching us, walking ever so elegantly like models. There is one baby, the giraffe is known to be a bad mother.

She just leaves her baby in the wild and comes back later. The elephant is the opposite and never leaves the sight of her young ones

Johanne, Paulinda and Barbara clicking away!

One male giraffe tries to jump on a female and she says no way! Go away!

Here is a lioness cleaning herself

And her paws! A gorgeous cat!

And when she sits, she’s lean and proud!

Who would think we’d see ostrich too! A huge bird and a bit skittish of us.

I’d never think we would see so many lions.

A different lioness is literally laying on the side in the road, panting and cooling herself.

Then on the other side,

there is another female protecting her prey; a zebra- they’re both guarding the prey for the male lion who’s not far .

Now Nelson follows the wildebeests traffic towards the river.

He steps on that pedal at an obscene speed. We get to the river. He races to the side and manages to get to the starting point where the wildebeests are now crossing.

It is an extraordinary sight. There is one leader and the rest follow. Big jumps in the river , swimming on top of each other, making loud noises.

Crossing to the other side, as though there saying, let’s go home to the Serengeti!

There had to be at least 500, it lasted 10 minutes.

It is extremely difficult to time this, but he did it!

We were fortunate to see a huge amount of wildlife today.

We go back and rest a bit after lunch.

In the late afternoon, we visit a Maasai village very close to us. Richard who welcomed us at Olonana takes us to his village. He is the son of the village Chief!

The men are singing and dancing . And take us by the hand, inside the compound,

There are 34 people living in this village.

He explains what the men do; which you can write in one small paragraph; take care of the herd of either sheep or cows, 10 cows buys you one wife! They negotiate for their tribe, they protect the women,

The women’s jobs are way too many, they transport the water to their village, cut wood for the fire, make clothes, build houses out of cow dung, mixed with dirt and water and they cook! I call that women abuse!!! I’d move and never come back!!

As the Maasai attend school where the teachers are university graduate, the younger generation finds it more difficult to preserve Maasai way of life. Who would pass on running water, toilets, stove, beds, utensils and countless other amenities that we so take for granted???!!

One thought on “A safari to remember and a visit at a Maasai village

  1. Encore merci pour ta générosité de prendre le temps de faire des postes pour qu’on puisse un peu vivre ça.

    La photo de toi dans la maison en train d’écouter le Massai est trop drôle. ..tu as dlair découragée lol

    Effectivement les femmes en font trop en plus des bébés ! Et la maison avait dlair très propre.


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