From Nairobi to Masai Mara!

The breakfast at the Hemingway was spectacular! But we didn’t have time to leisurely enjoy it because they thought, we needed to be there one hour before.

We get a transfer from the hotel to the Wilson Airport in Nairobi. This airport is for small planes. Let me tell you they really checked that we each had 15 kilos which of course, we exceeded. So when we told them to take our luggage out, to wear tons of clothes and boots, they let it go!

We flew safarink to Masai Mara. Short flight of one hour.

Nelson our driver and our tour guide for the next 4 days, picked us up and drives us to our camp ” Sanctuary Olonana” the sister to the gorilla camp in Uganda,

As we drove for not even 30 minutes.

We already see giraffes

One giraffe bending down to drink!

Another one is so close, staring at us!

And Beautiful zebras, very exciting!

The camp – Sanctuary Olonana – is next to a small Masai village and it is on the Mara river, it’s on 100 acres and each 12 rooms are facing the river.

Ours happens to be in front of where the hippopotamus choose to sleep and swim.

They make a long farting sound, it’s pretty funny.

Here is a close up of this endearing face!

We arrived early and are welcomed by a Maasai playing the flute, bejeweled and dressed in their traditional Red Shuka.

We had a great lunch on the river, unpacked fully, rested a bit and got ready for our afternoon safari.

I’ve dreamed of seeing this area for quite sometime for the wildebeest migration from the Serengeti to the south of our location.

6 of us climbed on a new huge open air Toyota Land Cruiser made especially for these types of safaris. Nelson asked what we were looking forward to seeing . I answered; the big five and the wildebeest migration He answered

” Akunamatata”. No worries!

We drive miles over dirt roads in the African Savannah encountering wildebeests everywhere.

Then we are lucky enough to find two sleepy lionesses. It is the animal that surely attracts all the visitors. We were quite close to them enough to capture their calm demeanor at this late time of day.

Luckily one looks at us face to face.

Then, he turns away and yawns.

Then we spotted a rather ugly hyena who was wondering the terrain – most likely to find vestige of a prey. It has a huge jaw.

The lonely rhino trying to find something interesting to eat in the faint distance. Nelson capture his photo with his stable hands. There are only 7 of them in this park.

On our way back, a must beautiful sunset adorned the Savanna and the undulated mountains; it is breathtaking.

After being bounced around for almost 3 hours, we change, shower and have dinner together in the main dinning room. Dinner was average. When you come here, you can expect total peace and quiet. The internet does not work most of the time and most guests go to bed early. As we did!

One thought on “From Nairobi to Masai Mara!

  1. I feel very fortunate to be sharing this once in a life time journey with Celia,
    Barbara & Johanne.
    Celia, you captured our magnificent journey with the beautiful animals & the peaceful setting of our lodge to a tee.


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