Hong kong

Hong kong
Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

Today we wanted to go back to Macau and try the tower hike st the Macau tower, but it was pouring outside. Eduardo, Kaye , Gilda and Amanda went to see the tall Buddha, Kat and I decided to pass and stay in the hotel. It was such a long day but I caught up with the writing. I’d say that’s positive. We had breakfast and lunch in the hotel. The rain stopped st 3.00pm. Too late by then. At around 8pm, I decide to go to the Festive walk- a big mall. I take a cab and I’m looking for a raincoat and a USB adapter. I’m the only Caucasian! The shops are all big names. I end up having a muffin and caramel shake at McDonalds. I’ve never seen such a high end McDonalds in the US. Their menu is sooo different ! There is even an ice skating rink in the mall!

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