From Tiberius to Ztfat ending in Jerusalem

From Tiberius to Ztfat ending in Jerusalem
Tzfat, Israel

Tzfat, Israel

We had a delicious breakfast of authentic Israeli food. But every minute counts here, so we have to rush to catch a early walking tour of Tiberius. David Sussman our guide is quite informative. Every hotel is kosher in Tiberius except the Scotts hotel which is exempt sine it was built on church grounds. We walked to the Sea of Galilee on a beautiful crisp morning with the sun’s rays jetting through the clouds; what a sight!. The hillside homes on top of Tiberius have the most unusual architecture, the facades are all slanted parallel to the mountain. We then took a short bus ride to the town of Ztfat To enjoy a kaballah experience. Ztfat, a small hilly town, is located in upper Galilee fairly close to the Lebanon border. I must say that town has a special feeling. It was populated right after the Spanish Inquisition with a lot of Spaniards and Portuguese. We visited a 500 year old synagogue built by Rabbi Joseph Caro in the 1400th. It must be special to go to service in this small synagogue. 2 groups toured the town up and down the hills with our guide and 2 armed guards, one in front of the group- the other one in the back taking care of laggards like me. We then went down the mountain to a handicapped friendly mikvah facility. Our speaker was a Us citizen turned hippy who decided to leave her life in the US and convinced her husband and children to move to this very spiritual place. She explained the meaning of a Mikvah Let it go, Let it flow G-d loves me so. We walked up the hill back into town, and decided to stop at the Yeminite restaurant. We all had a scrumptious falafel. We walked through different alleyways filled with small art and jewelry shops. This town has a hippy artsy feel to it. When the fog lifted we enjoyed amazing views of the surrounding hills. Our last stop was dinner at the Adir winery. Dinner was delightful! We all drank a decent amount of wine and everyone’s cheeks got quite rosy, and the cacophony of laughter definitely rose especially at the Los ANGELES table.. We then boarded the bus for a forever long ride to Jerusalem. Many people got up and started to talking about the different challenges they survived. ” In Vino Veritas” was certainly the case here. I fell asleep at some point during one of the speech. We then got together in the lobby of our hotel- the King Salomon Hotel and watched as so many young orthodox couples meet in the hotel, which serves as a dating site. What a entertaining evening to watch which couple was into each other.

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