A day with the Gorillas in the Bwindi Forest

Today is the reason why Johanne and I came to Uganda, to see the silver back gorillas in their natural dense forest .

Our day started very early, so again we didn’t get a lot of sleep . After an average breakfast al fresco, we and 4 rather quiet, unfriendly Australians leave with our driver in a. very rugged Range Rove.

The sun rising / almost at our destination. We stop by a village and tons of Barefoot children greet us.With some of the village children Two hours later a group of seven plus our porters begin the Gorilla expedition. part of our group and their porters

The descent into the forest is steep. It is extremely lush as it is a rain forest and the paths are extremely narrow. I now know why it’s called the ” Impenetrable forest”; the path forward is forged by trackers with machete.

Johanne’s first experience hikingthe magnificent Impenetrable foresthiking up this timethe gorilla trackers a mother and her baby a different mother and her baby. They’re literally a few feet from us and they don’t move.what a facelook st that mothers face when she’s scratching herself!me sliding down a steep bed of ferns We walked over fallen trees, pushing rainforest lanyards, and walking over thick ground covered fernswe are now extremely close to this mother and her baby cute babythe mother and baby behind us. When she decides to move, you must stay still.

A video of the mom and baby gorilla

the male silver back Gorilla- silver back because he’s in charge and he’s older, meaner and difficult to approach .like an old man the silver back gets gray hair on his back! This one was about 16 years old.a different angle of the silver back.

Johanne did extremely well for someone who never hiked before. Even for me it was extremely difficult; not even 3 miles but you had to constantly go up and down the forest. You had to left your legs really high constantly.

We saw two Colobus monkeys with white tails cuddling on the way out of the park.

the nearest village to our camp; Buhoma village

It was a beautiful day in the forest. I would not like to do this trek on a rainy day. It would be more like a slip and slide on mud!

Everyone was quiet on the way back, some even fixed off like me!

Johanne was really amazed that she survived the trek. I was too for that matter!

We had a lively dinner with all the campers talking loud, being satisfied with their day- and the staff singing happy birthday in Ugandan to the young married lady!

5 thoughts on “A day with the Gorillas in the Bwindi Forest

  1. that is so……cool. i am surprised they let you get that close to the silver back gorillas. You go mom, have fun and be safe. I love you !!

    -Your Son


  2. Celia, I am curious, how can you tell if it is a boy gorilla or a girl gorilla, does the boy gorilla have a furry schmeckle?


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