Our first day in Levanto!

This magnificent old villa which we have the good fortune to inhabit  for the next week; happens to be part of the Agnelli (the Fiat family) summer compound. 

It is one of the few villas on the boardwalk in Levanto. Who knew!

This charming house was built in 1910 on a huge hillside park like estate. 

The gardens are lush, filled with tall old ITALIAN cypresses bordering two parallel walkways 

starting with a flat garden dotted with sculptures, leading to  a grassed tennis court after crossing a tall stoned arched wall, 

with splashes of colorful huge hydrangeas everywhere  You get this feeling of stepping back in time to the beginning of the 19th century.

In the Casa Rosa villa, There are seven huge bedrooms with sea views  and from each you hear the sea retreating to and from the sand, lulling you to sleep. 

Some bedrooms have balconies as did mine. The kitchen is narrow yet large, perfect for servants, which we don’t have! Recycling is big here / there is even a receptacle for plastic, separate from glass, separate from bottle caps. I hope it goes to the right place!

The furniture is old, with no time period in mind, but somehow this mismatch works together.

The village of Levanto is sooo charming….with mostly pedestrian steeets, some narrow, some hilly with a piazza near the ocean.  Unlike the Cinque Terre villages, this one does not attract as many tourist,except on the beach today !  so Italian is what your hear- there is more of an immersion feeling . The old village dates back to the 13tb century as do all the Cinque Terre villages .

My children, Dom , Wendy and I had a delicious dinner in a small restaurant at the top of a street called “pochi intimi” We were served a Ligurian specialty of Trofie pasta with pesto sauce.. sooo delicious!

The sky stays light until 10.00pm, so you have a tendency to eat late. 

We just sat on our huge terrace watching people walk. I fell asleep outside on a green chaise lounge, the wind blowing in my hair, and the sea smell filling my lungs…. Fortunately Josh woke me up or I just might have for spent the night out!

2 thoughts on “Our first day in Levanto!

  1. Your story sounds is like an advertisement for a absolutely fabulous place to vacation. I’m sold!!


  2. Your story & pictures sound & look like an advertisement for a absolutely fabulous place to vacation. I’m sold!!


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