Hong Kong city tour

Hong Kong city tour
Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

The city is 420 square miles. We are staying at the Metropark Hotel right in the middle of the city; many place to walk. Our guide Alex picks us up in a small van and we start a crazy Hong Kong city tour. We first stop at Repulse Bay and on our way there we see Jackie Chan’s house overlooking the bay, no 99! Cute little bay with an entrance sign WTF which means where’s the food! It’s an overcast with slight rain kind of day. From there we are to see a magnificent view from the Victoria Peak except it’s all foggy- so instead we get a gelato -something we haven’t seen in a while! We go back down to the port to board a little boat with all kinds of patterned lanterns for a ride to the biggest floating restaurant. On the way we see mega yachts and colorful fishing boats. After our short ride, we are docked in front of the largest floating restaurant for lunch. I eat mostly soup and some vegetables, as we are just confirmed for a $400 a person molecular dinner! U But we sure get into the action as we are dressed as Chinese royalty after lunch. Being that most of the customers ate Chinese, they were extremely entertained by us, our laughter, our poses and accoutrements! After lunch we left for the Jade market( not the best quality) – the bird market- poor little one all crowded in cages, but I did love the love birds! After this jammed packed day, we rest but not for long- shower, dress up and are picked up by Uber to be dropped off at Bo Innovation! A 3 Michelin star restaurant, that we found yesterday at the dim sum restaurant talking about all kinds of food and our travels- it was a joint effort. Being that it’s a Monday and a rainy night- it might explain why we got in! We all chose the same blue menu, my exception was no shell fish- Kat’s was no meat. What the chef provided as exceptions were divine! Oh and with that we chose a wine pairing from various regions of the world. Then I ask the waiter if the chef is around to congratulate the newly engaged couple. Nick and Mary just got engaged at the top of Victoria Peak- he gave her a beautiful diamond ring and she said Yes! Wow! how extraordinary….2 couples got engaged on this trip and very few of us knew each other. Love is in the air! The dinner lasted 3 hours and it was worth every bit of the cost- truly entertaining- this is the type of evening where Art and food are fused for a momentous evening!

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