Lhasa, Tibet

Lhasa, Tibet
Lhasa, China

Lhasa, China

It was an interesting day culture wise. We found out that the China revolution between 1964 and 1967 greatly affected Tibet as chairman Mao Tse Tong ordered the people Of China NOT practiced Buddhism so the Tibetan continued to practice in hiding, Then I’m 1981 they started to practice in public and attend temple ceremony, We went to the summer palace in the morning, there were beautiful grounds with tons of flowers and jasmine. The buildings were built during different periods. We also went to the Deprung Monastery which was interesting, it was the 5th Dalai Lama’s residence until he moved to the Potola palace. It was built in the 15th century on the outskirts of the city, on a mountain side with a view of Lhasa. It is one of the most important monastery of Tibet! In its heyday 7700 monks lived within its walls. The main assembly hall is magnificent with tons of columns high ceilings and great carvings- no photos allowed ! The kitchen was so interesting with the huge pots making the Yack Butter. After lunch at the same Snow land restaurant we went to the Seta Monastery, built in the 15th century. The purpose was to see the monks debate in a courtyard, fascinating to see. One monk stands up and ask a question to the other monk sitting down; the topic bring their Buddhist education. When he ask a question if it’s well answered he swirls like a dancer and claps his hands. If the questions is not well answered, he claps the back of his hand angrily. So entertaining to watch even though it’s in Tibetan! Afterwards we go see the inside of the Seta monastery, which I so enjoyed because it was small and very ornate with unusual looking buddhas, lots of jewels encrusted in gold. It was filed with books; their books are different in that they’re not bound but it’s a pile of linen sheets with characters and drawings. We came back to the hotel around 5 or so. Kat, Gilda, Amanda and I decided to go back to old Lhasa by cab to get some unusual souvenirs. We were all successful! This is our last night here and we say goodby to Jacki and Glen who are going back home!

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