From Shandhai to Xian to Lhasa, Tibet

From Shandhai to Xian to Lhasa, Tibet
Lasa Shi, China

Lasa Shi, China

Today was a traveling day from Shanghai to Xian to Lhasa, Tibet. We are now 10 out of our original group. Everyone else went home! And we continue on this marvelous adventure. We have a 6 hour layover in Xian, which was delayed due to bad weather in Lhasa. Kat and I walked the whole terminal to get some exercise while most of our group slept, scattered near the gate. We had a cappuccino at a Starbucks, which had wifi and I continue writing. Finally we board much later than anticipated and land in the late afternoon, it was still lite outside. Our guide Lapsang greets us and ties a white scarf around our neck. Nice welcome! Kat is so excited to finally be here after her 3rd attempt of getting to Tibet! We get to the hotel which is one hour away while looking at some pretty arid territory at this elevation of 12,000 feet! We get to the hotel and again no one speaks English, we’ll definitely hit our 10,000 steps a day being that our room is in a different building. For dinner, Kat and I decide to go to the street public market, we get done bakery goods, fruits and nuts. The walk to and from the hotel was extremely slow, the altitude sickness hits me right away! Or was it a hangover from the evening before with prosecco and too much wine! Drinking is not recommended before you get to this high altitude! Loonnng Day….

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