To Xian, Moslem quarter, dumplings and great show

To Xian, Moslem quarter, dumplings and great show
Cangzhou Shi, China

Cangzhou Shi, China

We were so exhausted from yesterday that we almost missed breakfast! After transfer flight, much security and many pat downs we finally arrive in Xian with 8 million people. Our guide Justin ( so far he’s the most fluent in English) takes us to the Moslem quarter. It’s incredibly colorful with tons of different foods , many small alleys and pretty head ware. I buy a box of interesting snacks and what do you know; I loose my entire group. I walk around every where enjoying the many smells and delicious snacks even eating a very stinky fruit called Durian. But I know to meet my group at 4.00pm at the arches where the quarter begins. Justin suggests we should try another Chinese specialty, the dumplings. After dropping off our luggages at the hotel , we freshen up, change and board the bus for a venue which serves the best dumplings I’ve ever had in all kinds of shapes, colors and fillings. From the restaurant we move to a theatre with long tables and are delighted by wonderful costumed dancers, a talented zither player exhibiting a love story of an emperor and his concubine. Like that’s not enough for one day and night; Kat and I decide to walk back to the Moslem quarter which happens to be fairly close to our hotel and experience it by night; lots of neon lights, tons of people, everything is open late. Just delightful!!

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