Zhangye, the unusual Rainbow Mountains

Zhangye, the unusual Rainbow Mountains
Zhangye Shi, China

Zhangye Shi, China

The breakfast in this hotel is 100% Chinese and there is no coffee, only tea! So we managed with the dumplings, vegetables and noodles. Most of the group power walked to see temples. I decided to walk and found a lovely English bakery called Angelia, I sat and had a very tasty Nescafé! We leave at 10am for the Zhangye national park. We hike up and down in 4 different parts of the park. What interesting about this is the colors are much sharper when it rains, which it did a little this morning. The late afternoon is also the best time, where the colors stand out the most. This park was completely unknown to the world 15 years ago, except for the Yugr and the Hin Chinese who live in this area. It took a Chinese director to make a Kung Fu movie using the rainbow mountains and it became a hit in China, . Since that time it is now a Unesco site. What’s amazing is that they built this huge village in colors imitating the mountains at the base with tons of restaurants, hotels, parks, living area. It is now still in construction but this area will be extremely populated in the near future, whereas now you barely see tourists. We had a Chinese lunch ( what else, right!) in that village at the only open restaurant. In the late afternoon we get to our final stop, there is no doubt that the kaleidoscope of colors starts later in the day. It almost looks like the mountains were painted on. On the last bridge we had the best time. There was a mother daughter taking photos at the best spot with scarves. So when the daughter saw me she asked me if I wanted to borrow her scarf for the photo. I told her I would but only if she directs me. That started the trend of everyone taking a photo with her scarf. Of course our guide called us crazy Americans! At night we were a Little hungry so some of us went back to Angelia and had some form of pizza. We were all exhausted

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