Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall
Beijing, China

Beijing, China

After breakfast Moko and our driver lead us to the Jinshanling Great Wall, which is at least 2.5 hours away from Beijing. We get to the top by cable car and at the base of it, there are very few cars and buses and very few shops. We chose that part of the wall because it is the least touristy, the most breathtaking and some parts of it are not completely restored and remained in its decrepit state. This part of the wall is on the Jinshanling Mountains and it was built during the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century. Of course it is a Wonder of the World! But a large part of the wall was built from 700 to 200BC, while hundreds of thousand of people were forced to built it, let’s not forget that many perished building it including children. The purpose was to protect the people from Mongolians and Manchurians. Then It extended to 6000 miles. When you have the privilege to view this masterpiece in person, it’s breath, its sinuosity, its height, the never ending towers, it’s serpentine shape on top of the narrow jagged mountain peaks, you simply stand there in awe and there are few words that can match the emotions you feel knowing that hundred of thousands of people built what you see. I feel so fortunate to have witnessed its magnificence. As you walk you feel the slight difference in terrain where one side is Mongolia, green yet quiet, on the other is of course china with many agricultural terraces. We were all spread out over the many fortifications, inside each of these, there were windows to various views and steep narrow stairs to get to the top. A few of us congregate at one of the highest fortress , we just sat there hydrated ourselves a little and just shared great conversation. We kept taking pictures of each other from various view points. We just didn’t want to leave!! Hufong, this wonderful Chinese lady shadowed me all the way for 4 miles to make sure I did not fall,she of course wanted us to buy a book but we just helped her out without the book! We finally took the cable car down. The bus ride leaving was much longer coming back. We were taken to a great Peking restaurant in high end mall in Beijing. It was the best Peking duck I’ve ever had, very little fat, crispy and so tasty. It’s not something I would eat normally but when in China… it is one of the things you must try. On the way back the streets were packed with people dancing on the wide sidewalks everywhere, I so wanted to join but we had to get back for our early plane tomorrow. As so much of life is experience, this one shall be imprinted in my mind forever! It was a phenomenal day and night!!

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