Reykjavik and the ice caves

Reykjavik and the ice caves
Mosfellsbær, Iceland

Mosfellsbær, Iceland

We land at 4.30am in Reykjavik and are the driven to the Grand hotel. My Advil pm worked I slept most of the flight. The breakfast at the hotel was abundant and delicious. We were all starving! Four of us out of our 17 people group decided to venture into the early morning to the Ice caves. It is a 10 hour expedition. We then embarked on this huge Humvee for a two hour drive on a rather austere, crater like terrain and blizzard like weather. We arrived at this large ice cave. It’s the largest man made glacier lava cave in the world. You could see the black lava demarcation of the two large volcanic eruption, I remember the 2009 eruption which stopped air traffic for sometime! It is well lit with led lights throughout. We walked for at least one hour and saw a lot of crevasses. I think it might have been more interesting to walk on top of the glacier instead. We then headed for the Barnafoss children waterfall. It’s quite beautiful with dark green moss all around and the water from the waterfall is of a dense lite blue indicating sediment from the glacier. The waterfall jets out of this magnificent arch where the legend says children crossed over and lost their lives; hence the name Barnafoss! Our last stop was a small town filled with geothermal spouts with jetting hit waters through the red rocky surface and verdant moss. Upon our return at about 6pm, my room was finally ready; quite nice with a view of Reykjavik. I doubt I’ll have much time to lounge in it! Our group all met in the lobby to share happy hour and a light meal and to recount stories of our first day in Iceland. It will be nice to sleep in a bed something we haven’t done in the last two days!

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