Climbing Waynapi

Climbing Waynapi
Aguas Calientes, Peru

Aguas Calientes, Peru

I slept so well. I met my group at the other hotel for a breakfast buffet. I was thinking about staying around today. Then I realized my muscles did not hurt anymore. So I went with part of the group and went back to Machu Picchu, to climb Waynapicchu ; a steep mountain next to Machu Picchu. Today was a glorious day, the weather could not be more perfect, sunny and cool and no people! We were the last group to climb, every switchback on the mountain gave us a picture perfect opportunity.. It took us about 45 minutes to climb up and we probably stayed about the same amount of time at the top; climbing the big boulders like panthers!- taking pictures on the edge of the rocks and just being elated! We came down fairly rapidly- it seems difficult for a lot of people to descend but I find it easier than climbing up the stairs-it was 3000 steps today! We collected our satchel from the hotel and went to the train station to take the Vistadome train down to Cusco The ride was so much more entertaining that we bargained for; There were huge Windows and our train was set up with tables of 4 by 4. I was sitting with Art, Jody and Miriam.. After about one hour on the train, we are served drinks and snacks, I tasted Pisco Sour- I have to say it’s really tasty, then the music starts and a character dressed in a Mardi Gras costume pulls people out of their seats and starts dancing. Afterwards the fashion show starts showing fashions make in Peru and some made of Alpaca thread. We had a great time and quite a few of us bought clothing from the train. I bought a beautiful reversible coat black and red made of alpaca thread. We got in Cusco and stayed at the same hotel Rumi Punku. I got a soup at the Alpaca cafe Down the street. Quinoa and veggies- delicious! The hotel upgraded me to a king size room, I certainly appreciate it!

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