Day 3 – inca trail

Day 3 – inca trail
Aguas Calientes, Peru

Aguas Calientes, Peru

Today is our shortest day on the trail at less than 5 miles. I found out that a lot of people in our group got really sick over night and it was very difficult for them to trek today even though it was a short day. We trekked quite a bit in the rain forest and saw a lot of stunning foliage and colors. As usual the trail was made of stone and we had to trek down narrow covered passage ways. We stopped at 2 archeological sites. One seemed to contain houses and storage, the other contained a small house and maybe fortress at the bottom and the most magnificent agricultural ladders; each level retained with stone walls. We have come to find out that so much of the inca trail is still under foliage and trees. Maybe only 15% is uncovered. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner on the trail. At dinner more and more people in our group did not feel good and were quite ill with stomach and intestines problems. I was taking colloidal silver everyday and wearing gloves. I also did not eat the meat because it was never refrigerated, since we had been on the trail 3 days already. The chefs really went out of their way and prepared an awesome dinner, the presentation was beautiful with animal shaped vegetables. The porters, the chefs and guides were also honored and this is where we got to show our appreciation for them. All the people working for Alpaca were amazing, they had all kinds of medication for the sick people,. A couple of people who could not complete the trail by foot because they either sprain their ankle or did not train properly were carried by the porters so they could get to the finish line! The campsite was crowded by various companies and we all went to bed esrky

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