Sky lodge – zip lining down and sightseeing

Sky lodge – zip lining down and sightseeing
Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

The night in the sky lodge was very restful under warm down comforters. We had to get up before sunrise get our packs ready; harness ourselves, climb up the pod and descends to another pod for breakfast Al Fresco! . Upon arriving on the terrace we harness ourselves to the cables. The chefs prepared a satisfying breakfast while the sun was rising. The mountain were illuminated by its rays and the river down below shined like a silver pendant. After breakfast and getting our packs from the lodge. We went through 6 zip lines which included walking some steep descent to get to the next zip line. It took us about one hour and half. We were zip lining through thin air with amazing views. It was exhilarating. All of us felt very secure with the guides leading the front and the back of the line. After this wonderful adventure we headed to the town of Chincheros. It is a beautiful quaint Peruvian town at the base of beautiful mountains in the Andes. Near that town they’re building an international airport which should be ready within the next few years, in order to accommodate many new tourists for Machu Picchu. Hopefully this airport will not change that culture, the authenticity and its beautiful landscape. We went to visit an archeological site and a central Inca plaza at the top of the town. There were beautiful terraced hillsides where they grow various beans and vegetables. We went to a small local factory where clothing is done by hand and lots of clothes are made from Alpaca fur. They showed us how they weave the fur into threads and how they use different vegetables and fruits to color the fabric. The most interesting color was red and it’s different hues from the lady bug which lives in a cactus leaf and when squeezed it becomes red. We all bought scarves sweaters hats and gloves. The streets are filled with life. We were lucky enough to see a wedding party in the street walking all over town. Lastly we had a fabulous lunch at a local restaurants which accommodated our group of ten, We had blue corn lemonade ( very tasty!) and all kinds of great local food. The dessert was so so. From there we headed to another archeological site called Saqsay Waman. It overlooks the city of Cusco. It’s formation is interesting.

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