Zip lining and enjoying Arenal Volcano


Zip lining and enjoying Arenal Volcano
Fortuna, Costa Rica

Fortuna, Costa Rica

This morning we went to a zip line area in the town of Fortuna not very far from our hotel in Arenal. At first I was not too keen on it; I thought it would be boring. I thought it would be more fun to have a park where you have to work your way up through tunnels and ladders and then zip line all the way down .

This one was different, we started at the top of a very high mountain where there was a river and other mountains on the other side. We were 12 and other than me, no one had ever tried this . It was on most people’s bucket list and some simply tried to conquer their fear of heights! Well let me tell you that the platform were quite high and we literally were going right through the forest. It was after all quite exhilarating and beautiful. There was a total of 12 platforms and some very long stretches. They took very good care of us making sure we were safe all the way. It was very funny in the beginning when a few people got stuck on the wire before the platform. They had to walk themselves backward in the rope to reach the platform. After reaching the bottom of the mountain they pulled us all the way by wagon and tractor.

It was a great morning and Christianne loved her first experience and conquered her fear, now she would do it again.

When we came back to the hotel we thought we should do another tour. We didn’t even have lunch but we took a tour 25
Minutes after we arrived; it was visiting the hanging bridges Mistico Park in Arenal. It was truly a beautiful forest but we didn’t see much that we had not seen before. The vegetation of this park was quite different than Monteverde, there were walking Palm trees and the huge trunk buttress tree which if you scratch it bleeds this thick liquid and it forms a scar! The views when crossing the many bridges were always enchanting.

Today is Christianne’s BD and we were supposed to eat at a top rated restaurant but there was a major storm, so we decided to postpone the dinner to another city where we would find another great restaurant. But our travel agents had a wonderful cake made for her and the hotel send her some chocolates.

We were so tired from all the walking so we stayed in and packed.


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