Missed our flight!


Missed our flight!
Liberia, Costa Rica

Liberia, Costa Rica

We missed our flight last night by 5 minutes. Too much talking not enough watching!. For me it’s unfortunately not the first time! I hope I can work on making it the last. We had 2 amazing young women working on rerouting us so that we could get in Liberia at about the same time. We managed to laugh and keep our sense of humor through this unfortunate incident. Ironically we are booked on the very original flights that United subsequently changed 3 times! We spent a very short night at the Marriott hotel. Christianne bought another small carryon and we were able to cram everything in the 2 small luggages. We are now on our first leg of this flight We made it in the first flight to Houston. Even though this flight left 30 minutes late , it landed in Houston 10 minutes early. We had to take the monorail to the last terminal , ran to the gate and barely made it, but we are finally on our way to our destination. Our driver Martin picks us up and is driving us through very difficult roads. There is no major highway to where we are going.; we see beautiful vistas and stunning volcanos surrounded by puffy clouds. Our driver gives us a welcome gift of a wine bottle and chocolates from Costa Rica, other than the wine bottle, we devoured mostly everything in our van. I needed to stop for a SIM card and that took 45 minutes so we are to drive at night and it definitely delayed us. Our hotel the Trapo family lodge is located at 5709 feet in altitude. It takes a strong stomach to drive on these windy, uneven roads in the dark. We are now having a warm meal in the hotel lobby and for sure we will go to bed quite early, it’s been a long day!


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