From Chiang Mai to Bangkok

From Chiang Mai to Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

This morning most of us decided to attend the Baan Thai cooking school. We will learn to cook four dishes. Our young chef takes us to the fresh market to show us the ingredients we would need. From the school we walked a few streets to get to the market. In passing we see tons of Thai massage parlors and many bed and breakfast for the many young tourists we cross. It’s a better market than what I’ve seen so far, they at least show their food on tables. I wanted to taste the famous banned Durian fruit ( it’s banned in public place because it’s smell is so potent not in a good ways). A farmer gave me a piece and the texture is very much like a cherimoya but it’s not as sweet. I think it’s pretty good. So we all go back the the school and our young chef had us step in the kitchen, where our first dish is Pattaya noodles, then we move to egg rolls, then a vegetable and chicken soup and lastly a desert of mango rice. Everything was so quick, healthy and so easy to make. Since we were given a cook book, I certainly will make it at home and I know Alixandra will like it! After the class we were driven to the Airport to take a Thai Airline flight to Bangkok. Tonight is Yum Kippur, I was really hoping to attend services in Bangkok but we arrive too late and it take one hour at least to get to our hotel. I think it would have been so interesting to attend a service here. Oh well! We got to the hotel, rested a bit and got ready for a very late dinner at Nahm restaurant at the metropolitan hotel. It had a great write up on several reviews. Out of the 12 of us, I don’t think anyone loved it! It was a large menu but everything is way too spicy. I think we are finally on this time One, since we now went to bed late.


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