Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavík, Iceland

Today is a free day and we all decide to explore the city. It’s quite small being that the entire population of Iceland which is the size of Kentucky is 330 thousand people. At least one third live here Our group takes a shuttle to downtown and I take a 40 minute walk to the city center along the bay. It’s a crisp and beautiful day! We arrive at the same time! We walk on 3 or 4 of the main streets. The buildings are colorful, covered out of different color corrugated metal. Its more modern than old- the architecture is not that interesting. There are tons of murals. There are a few designer shops, the prices are expensive for clothing. Malinda, Ben and I end up having lunch at a restaurant called Kol- it was rich and excellent. Towards the end of the afternoon- we come back to our hotel to freshen up. We have a drink in the bar. Gabriella Mariscal and I decide to leave and go see the modern art museum where there is a Yoko Ono exhibit- I would say it was poignant and ahead of its time- it was a participating type of exhibit Then we bumped into the entire Cabo clan and continued to the photograph museum; we really enjoyed because it depicted the life of various people in Iceland. We ended the night with an amazing dinner by a top chef st a place called the Grill Market! Except for me who had a vegetarian steak, they had an 8 courses meal- everyone of them tasted amazing. This city is renown to have great chefs. Being that everyone ate so much Gabi, Gabriela and I walked back on the Main Street to the hotel. That was so much fun. It must be their local trendy street filled with top Icelandic designers. Anyhow it felt good to walk and digest fior a mile and a half back to put hotel. We arrived way passed midnight. A great day!

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